The story of Green Industry Park

In today’s world, we are facing global challenges like climate change, scarcity of raw materials and biodiversity loss. This forces us to seek new sustainable ways of producing and consuming, that respect the boundaries of our planet. We at Green Industry Park want to help the Finnish society and business to create solutions to the European green transition strategy.  We are a development company offering services to growth companies supporting their business growth, as well as bringing the right people together for the joint effort to build sustainable industrial ecosystems. We work closely with companies delivering solutions to green transition like; Green North Energy2, CH-Bioforce, QPower, TM-Systems, Neste and Enersense, just to mention a few.

Scandinavia, Finland, or Turku – could be interesting places for your business

The Nordic countries, including Finland, are known as stable democracies, high technology innovations as well as valuing and respecting nature. Turku is one of the six largest cities in Finland, a costal city with very good connections to Europe and Sweden. As a city, Turku has a very ambitious climate target to become carbon neutral by 2029, also including the activities of businesses. Turku is a University city, where important research fields for energy, circular economy and bioeconomy are well represented. For example, academic research in chemical engineering and material science, provides your business with the expertise and talents required for your business.

Who are we?

Our team consists of versatile combination of talents, experience, and contacts. Our CEO Linda Fröberg-Niemi has PhD in chemistry from Åbo Academy University and has made her career in Turku Science Park where she for instance established an innovation platform Smart Chemistry Park. MSc (Eng.) Timo Suutarla is an experienced industry leader who has, to mention some, led several change and investment projects in Paper and Pulp mills in Canada, Scotland and Finland. MSc Econ Krista Ahonen is an expert in branding, marketing, and communications. Toivo Koskinen (B.Eng) brings the latest knowledge to the table with his studies at University of Turku and local experience of Neste operations at Naantali. We work on non-profit basis which means that our services are free of charge for companies.