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Green Industry Park’s operations

The goal of Green Industry Park is to enable the green transition of companies and industries in the Turku region. The bio- and circular economies and renewable energies, including the opportunities offered by hydrogen, are at the heart of our operations. We facilitate the settling of both international and domestic industrial companies in the Turku region, bringing jobs and new international industrial business to Finland. Our primary objective is to ensure the best possible operating environment for your project with all its dimensions and needs!

The Green Industry Park team consists of four people with diverse experience. We offer you a broad network of contacts and skilled, motivated staff to solve the issues which are important to you and your project. In addition to active business and university networking activities, we cooperate regionally and nationally, for example with the regional business company Turku Science Park, Business Finland and Sitra innovation fund, as well as with other public development organisations. We’ll help you find the right partner to help you take your business to the next level.

Turku Business Region is the most dynamic business and innovation cluster in Finland, with the best services for companies and entrepreneurs. The Population of Turku region is ~330,000 and the region has a high level of expertise based on a long history of research in the natural sciences and chemical technology. The area has great resources to very skilled labour and technological expertise: 6 institutes of higher education with 47,000 students and ~4,500 university graduates per year. Also salary level of bachelor- and master-level engineers in Finland is very competitive compared to for ex. central Europe.

Learn more about bioeconomy, cleantech and circular economy at the area:

Promoting green transition

Business models based on the circular economy build a sustainable future. This is possible by commercialising and upscaling technologies to an industrial level where the surplus of one company serves as a source of raw material for another company’s processes. Being in the same industrial area with others enables the sharing of resources and infrastructure, as well as the efficient production of high value-added sustainable products and services. Making use of by-products becomes possible and unlocks both material and intellectual capital to share in the best possibly ways.

The industrial areas in the Turku region offer companies settling here a modern and dynamic operating environment, as well as a logistically excellent location for international business. We consider the areas’ special characteristics, profile and companies’ specialisation opportunities, infrastructure and the environment, as well as the needs of the companies already operating in the areas. 

The region is very committed to climate actions. For example the City of Turku aims to be carbon neutral by 2029 and climate positive from then onwards. Read more about the climate actions and targets at the region:

 Special characteristics of Naantali and the Neste area

Being at the crossroads of diverse logistic connections (railway, road and international port), the infrastructure at the former Neste Naantali refinery, together with the location of the Turun Seudun Energiantuotanto Oy biomass power plant, which is connected to the district heating network, creates an excellent setting for a wealth of new sustainable industrial businesses.

For example: 

  • Industrial plan area with existing operations and expertise in the chemical process industry
  • Steam and electricity produced by the Naantali thermal power plant and the possibility to connect to its district heating network
  • Fingrid’s 110 kV switchyard, 100 MW submarine power cable from Åland and Lieto municipality’s 400 kV switchyard
  • Port for and starting point of the trans-European E18 highway in Finland
  • Ports of Naantali and Neste
  • Competent workforce educated in the region’s higher education institutions to serve industry and R&D
  • Location and environment promote a positive,  industrial-minded attitude

Why the Turku region?

The locus of business and innovation in the Turku region stands out from the crowd with its intersectoral nature, hardiness and exceptionally strong community spirit among the entrepreneurs in the region. The Turku region is an excellent place to run a business, work, study and live. It encompasses 11 municipalities: in addition to Turku itself, the region includes Kaarina, Lieto, Masku, Mynämäki, Naantali, Nousiainen, Paimio, Raisio, Rusko and Sauvo.

There are six universities of science and applied sciences in the region and of the 340,000 residents, 47,000 are students. The abundance of university-level education opportunities in chemical engineering, in particular, gives your enterprise direct access to the latest achievements and recruitment opportunities of a highly educated, motivated workforce. 

Turku itself is taking tremendous leaps to develop into a carbon-neutral community by 2029. The international Turku Science Park, the centre of maritime and manufacturing industry, Blue Industry Park, and the centre of industrial bioeconomy, circular economy and hydrogen economy, Green Industry Park, render a strong foundation for the future of the Turku region.

To top it all off, you will have the innovation and education services offered by the Turku regional centre, as well as a setting for pleasant everyday life where your company can grow and develop, and your staff can settle with their families and enjoy good services and living. 

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