Development Company

Creating new industrial-level bio- and circular economy operations and next-generation energy solutions

Green Industry Park is a non-profit development company established to seek out business development opportunities in the Turku region to compensate for the effects of industrial restructuring in 2021–2023. We receive funding from both the public and private sectors, including the municipalities of Turku, Naantali and Raisio, Fortum Oyj, Sitra and Neste Oyj. In addition, we have also received external funding from the Regional Council of Southwest Finland and Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment.

Building a winning concept

A stable operating environment, excellent location, expertise, education and clean energy form the foundation of our concept.

• Ambition: internationally competitive business

• Economically viable alternative operations in Finland (tax revenue, jobs)

• Deepening the knowledge of green technology and applying it in practice

• Productization of Finnish specialist skills into sustainable export products • High value added products (biomaterials, biochemicals, biopolymers, synthetic fuels)