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Promoting sustainable industry

Green Industry Park Oy is a development company founded in June 2021 with the purpose of developing the industrial business of the bio- and circular economy and renewable energy in the former Naantali refinery area, among other places, to serve the Naantali, Raisio and Turku regions.

Neste Corporation rearranged its oil business in 2020. The new concept concentrates oil refining operation to Porvoo and specializes Naantali in terminal operations. Green Industry Park was founded to compensate for the occurred restructuring in the region by advancing new investments in the previously mentioned fields of industry.

Our aim is to attract, support and to create possibilities for new industrial level investments benefitting from the opportunities in the area. The green movement towards more sustainable future for the planet is in our hearts! Creating win-win solutions where everyone can benefit from the ecosystem in synergies and side streams is in our focus.

We work in close collaboration with municipalities, universities, and regional developers.

Inves in Turku region! The region offers excellent sites and location for bioeconomy, circular economy and renewable energy investments. See our video for more details!

Explore the sites on the map here:

The most dynamic business and innovation region in Finland

The Turku region sets a unique baseline for high-tech industrial activities with its several universities and high-level knowledge in multiple fields of science. In conjunction with the knowledge, the surrounding areas are attractive.

At Naantali site the most obvious benefits include the existing infrastructure and acceptance of the surrounding community for industrial activities in their neighbourhood.

The infrastructure consists of e.g multi-fuel CHP bio power plant which is connected to the district heating network, covering multiple cities. As well as the Fingrid 110 kV and 400 kV main electrical grid switchyards. To fulfill your logistical needs, Port of Naantali brings you straight to the Finnish entrance of E18 highway.

Tens of hectares of industrial zoned land area awaits your project!

With our local and international knowledge, we will assist you with finding the right industrial site, permits to operate, funding possibilities and most importantly the right people to connect with. Make your project a reality in an environment, where also your families can enjoy and utilize the Scandinavian way of living, including high school and university level education with no tuition fees.

Green Industry Park aims to:

  • identify and assist potential companies seeking to locate in the greater Turku region.
  • attract both domestic and international projects
  • support new technologies and growth-driven start-up companies in scaling up to pilot, demo, and industrial operations.

If you think you can benefit from solid society and stable economical environment in a community where trust, honesty and integrity are the key values moving us forward, do not hesitate to contact us, to invest in greater Turku region. You are mostly welcome.

Our mission is to promote the emergence of sustainable global industry for the benefit of our planet!

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